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• Refrigerant Reclamation
     EPA certified refrigerant reclaimer
     Job site reclaiming
     Fast refrigerant sampling and certified lab testing
     Lab testing provided by Hudson Technologies or Intertek

•Refrigerant Sales
    R-22 in 30lb disposable cylinders.
    All sales include a copy of the batch test results.
    Other refrigerants available in the near future.
    5% net profit from our refrigerant sales will be donated to
      help support our troops.

•Shop Exchange Service
     We are setting up accounts with the recovery cylinders
       based on volume with 125, 250 or 1000lb cylinders.
       Once these are full we exchange with an evacuated
  Refrigerant deliveries can be made during cylinder
      exchanges, saving transportation costs and time
?Refrigerant Recovery
    High speed recovery equipment
    We provide our own power and will not require anything from
      customer, with the possible exception of temporarily shutting
      down smoke detection systems.
    Shop cylinder pump out or exchange service.
  Credit available for net refrigerant recovered. 

•EPA Record Keeping
     We provide EPA record keeping for any company using our
     Annual reports for all contractors and businesses handling  
      refrigerant may be required in the near future for both the EPA
      and the California Air Resources Board. 

Did You Know

  • Reclaimed refrigerant must meet exactly the same standards as new per the EPA?
  • The vast majority of the refrigerant sold in Western Markets has traveled thousands of miles, much of it from China or India?
  • Our refrigerant is reclaimed and sold in the Western United States, making it the GREEN choice for our customers?


Western Refrigerant is a California certified small business
Western Refrigerant is your one stop shop for all your Refrigerant needs.  We specialize in:
  • Refrigerant reclaiming
  • Refrigerant Recovery
  • Refrigerant Sales

  • EPA Record Keeping
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